Organist/Music Ministry Assistant

Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
Employment Type
Part Time
Southern Pines, NC
Posted Date

Hours Per Week:  20 (part-time)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Play organ/piano for:
    • Three weekend masses;
    • All holy days and feast days when required by pastor;
    • All funerals, weddings and special celebrations;
    • Provide a substitute if unavailable;
    • Accompany all choir rehearsals:
      • Adult choir 1.5 hours
      • Childrens choir 1 hour
  • Select postludes and preludes for celebrations;
  • Maintain instrumental music library;
  • Report to Director of Music Ministry for all music related parish activities;
  • Communicate, Cooperate and Collaborate with Director of Music Ministry for music selection;
  • Inform Director of Music regarding maintenance of organ and piano;
  • Collaborate with Director of Music to maintain budgeted allowances;
  • Attend weekly music planning sessions with Director of Music Ministry;
  • Report to Pastoral Associate for office administration duties, employment, etc.;
  • Comply with teachings of the Catholic Church regarding liturgical music norms; and
  • Attend weekly staff meetings in parish office,          

Skills, proficiencies, qualifications needed:

  • Ability and Proficiency in playing the organ and piano;
  • Capability to sight read hymns and intermediate to advanced music;
  • Ability to read open score;
  • Improvisational skills, with the ability to close out music at any point in the score;
  • Accompaniment skills;
  • Basic understanding of vocal coaching/training for cantors;
  • Sense of pitch to recognize tuning needs, cantor abilities, etc.;
  • Basic organ maintenance skills; and
  • Organizational skills needed:
    • Office work;
    •  Microsoft Office Suite;
    • Time management;
    • Collaborative skills; and
    • Openness to constructive criticism.
  • Required Education:  Preference of either a bachelor’s degree in music or the arts; case by case evaluation will be made regarding requisite education. 
  • Three to Four years as an organ accompanist or Church musician.
  • Preferred experience in a Catholic liturgical setting.
  • Candidate must satisfactorily complete required criminal background and reference checks.
  • Candidate must complete Diocese-sponsored Safe Environment Training within 60 days of hire. 

Working Conditions:

  • 20 hours/week minimum paid by the hour;
  • Availability for 4 masses/weekend;
  • 3 weekends may be missed per year;
  • Additional stipends for weddings and funerals;
  • Short notice availability for funerals;
  • Expect to work most major Christian holidays;
  • 1 year probationary period;
  • Follow norms and guidelines present in diocesan staff handbook;
  • Attend weekly staff meetings;
  • Attend Staff functions;
  • 2nd floor office.