Director of Operations & Finance

Holy Infant Catholic Church
Employment Type
Full Time
Durham, NC
Posted Date

Hours Per Week:  40 (Full-time)

Key responsibilities / day-to-day job functions:

OPERATIONS:  Implement the parish’s strategic (long-term) and operational (annual) plans as directed by the pastor, including overall responsibility for the following:

  • Facilities & Maintenance: 
    • Ensure that parish facilities are maintained in good working order.
    • Negotiate maintenance and service contracts with outside vendors and suppliers.
    • Direct routine maintenance and janitorial services, ensuring work performed is as contracted / expected and addressing deficiencies in a timely way when needed.
    • Ensure currency of all insurance coverages required by the parish.
    • Identify and organize capital improvement projects.
    • Implement policies and procedures for scheduling of parish activities and facility usage. Work with the pastor to revise these policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Safety & Security: 
    • Ensure parish safety by developing and implementing emergency protocols and maintaining security and fire alarms.
    • Implement diocesan liability controls and standards.
    • Coordinate the use of and access to keys, fobs, security cards, door codes, etc.
    • Oversee Safe Environment Program protocols.
  • Electronic Systems:
    • Coordinate purchase and maintenance of all communication and information systems with external vendors, including computers, parish computer network, telephones, other media, including social media.
    • Ensure parish conformity with diocesan policies related to use of parish electronic equipment, network, and media.

  • Human Resources: 
    • Oversee day-to-day work of the following paid staff:
      • Financial Services Administrator
      • Communications Coordinator
      • Parish Services Assistant
    • Act as staff liaison for specific volunteer ministry commissions:
      • Stewardship
      • Operations & Planning
    • Participate in the recruitment and hiring of staff as requested by the pastor.
    • Monitor and maintain all payroll records.

FINANCE:  Oversee parish finances as directed by the pastor, including overall responsibility for the following:

  • Oversee accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, funds management, and budgets in conformity with guidelines provided by the diocese and Parish Finance Council (PFC).
  • Update and manage capital and/or facilities budgets when necessary.
  • Schedule and attend Parish Finance Council (PFC) meetings as an ex officio member of the PFC. Act as an advisor to the pastor and PFC.
  • Oversee day-to-day work of the following paid staff: Financial Services Administrator


  • Perform other duties as defined by the pastor.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Employment is contingent upon applicant satisfactorily passing criminal background and reference checks.
  • Must complete diocese-sponsored Safe Environment Training within 60 days of hire.
  • Minimum level of Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Business.
  • Minimum amount of Work Experience:
    • Years of related work experience: 5
    • Area of related work experience: finance, accounting, internal controls, facilities management.
  • Excellent communications, negotiating and problem-solving skills.
  • Comfortable working in a Catholic Christian setting and supporting the vision and mission of the parish.
  • Flexibility to respond to parish emergency events outside of normal work hours as needed.
  • Negotiation experience related to establishing new contracts and maintaining / renewing existing ones.
  • Significant people management experience, especially in managing and working productively and positively with professional- and administrative-level staff and vendors / contract workers. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills and a commitment to open sharing of information with all parties needing to know.  Proven ability to maintain high levels of confidentiality as required.
  • Current knowledge of computer, networking, phone, and media systems appropriate to oversight role of this position.

Supervises: Financial Services Administrator, Parish Services Assistant, Communications Coordinator

Position Start Date: As soon as possible.