Coordinator for Human Life and Dignity

Diocese of Raleigh
Employment Type
Full Time
Raleigh, NC
Posted Date

Key responsibilities / day-to-day job functions

The Coordinator for Human Life and Dignity commits to the salvation of souls by the advancement of the Church's evangelizing mission.

This position serves the diocese’s parishes (and the community in general) by delivering practical solutions in matters related to human life and dignity based on the Social Teaching of the Church.

This position identifies what is necessary for the success of each initiative and works closely with the entire Office of Evangelization and Discipleship to manage timelines and resources.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Serve the needs of parishes and the community by creating, designing and implementing practical deliverables on matters related to life and human dignity such as:
    • Catechist formation in foundational principles
    • Assessment of programs, materials, tools
    • Resources for leadership formation (i.e. retreat for leaders)
    • Organizing networking sessions for like-ministry leaders
    • Partnership with Catholic organizations
    • Fostering deanery level activity and initiatives
    • Sharing models of ministry
    • Sharing best practices
    • Financial and logistical assistance for pilot initiatives
    • Guidelines
  • Use the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church as one of the main resources backing his/her deliverables
  • Promote, network, and assist (as necessary) pro-life services such as pregnancy counseling and help centers, hospice care, local homes for single pregnant women, crisis pregnancy counseling and adoption, and post-abortion care in both on-on-one and confidential group settings
  • Coordinate travel arrangements and logistics for events for Life (e.g., March for Life) and other national and international events when needed
  • Maintain ongoing awareness of cultural and theological conversations that inform life and Catholic social teaching issues through professional reading and networking with colleagues in other dioceses
  • Learn about and communicate the Human Life and Dignity efforts existing at the parish, diocesan, and community levels in order to increase participation in the mission and use resources effectively
  • Ensure that the diocese is connected with broader public policy coalitions geared toward human life and dignity issues
  • Attend meetings and communicate as needed with the North Carolina Catholic Conference and USCCB
  • Coordinate and manage the Gabriel Project, After the Choice, and Parishes in Action (or similar) programs
  • Coordinates projects as assigned by the Bishop and the Director of the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship
  • Represent and resource the Bishop and his mission as needed
  • May be given various other assignments and projects consistent with the responsibility level and general duties of the position

Minimum Requirements

The candidate applying to this position must be:

  • An “authentic witness” to the faith who represents the teaching of the Catholic Church with enthusiam, integrity, and compassion
  • A practicing Catholic in good standing fully committed to, and with advanced knowledge of, the mission and tenets of the Catholic Church
  • An active member of his/her parish, with letter from Pastor conveying this
  • Have a master's Degree in Theology or in related field; understanding of and respect for the teachings of the Catholic Church, particularly in the areas of life and Catholic social teaching
  • Have five years of ministry experience related to Human Life issues
  • Be skilled in pre- and post-training evaluation methodologies and can make necessary adjustments with this information
  • Attract and effectively supervise volunteers
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Be proficient with MS Office Suite
  • Be available to some travel, evening, and weekend work required
  • Have a valid driver license and reliable transportation
  • Adhere to all Safe Environment Programs
  • Familiarity with social justice issues at a local, national and international level (preferred)
  • Experience in working with media outlets, e.g., radio, TV, news print, etc. (preferred)
  • Bilingual and bicultural in English and Spanish (preferred)

Skills required

  • Adapt his/her program to meet the needs of the diocese by resolving problems, answering questions, and addressing concerns promptly and effectively
  • Partner and collaborate with others inside and outside of the department
  • Manage budgets related to ministry projects
  • Display genuine interest and care for the people of the diocese by honoring the cultural context and personality distinctions
  • Work in a collaborative style in a team environment