Director of Finance

Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School
Employment Type
Full Time
Durham, NC
Posted Date

Hours Per Week:  40+ (Full-time)

Key responsibilities / day-to-day job functions:

The Director of Finance plans, directs and carries out policies related to all phases of school operations and financial strategy and management, both as defined herein.  This individual is responsible for engaging with school management and personnel, the Board of Directors through the Board Finance Committee, and external service providers, on ongoing financial and operational matters including but not limited to: (a) financial management, budgeting, forecasting and reporting; (b) banking and investment management relationships; (c) legal matters; (d) contracts; (e) insurance; (f) human resources; (g) facilities operations, planning, and management; and (h) other duties as assigned by the President.

  • Financial Management, Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting:

Develop and maintain a financial management strategy that effectively results in sound management of the school’s financial resources, depth of operating and capital reserves, and operational and capital liquidity. As the school grows, the activities of finance and accounting, office support, Corporate Work Study support and facilities support will shift to new members of the team overseen by the Director of Finance.

  • Banking and Investment Management Relationships:

Develop and maintain effective relationships with banking and investment management organizations necessary to facilitate maintenance of appropriate bank operating and deposit accounts, credit facilities and other services, as deemed necessary.  Oversee the management of the investment of Board designated funds available for specified or discretionary future use.   Evaluate such relationships on a regular basis, as deemed necessary.

  • Legal Matters:

Develop and maintain applicable relationships with legal services providers necessary to support the operational and periodic legal needs of the school.   Participate in the negotiation of the terms of legal services as they are deemed necessary.

  • Contracts:

Facilitate the second level review of key contracts entered by Cristo Rey Research Triangle High School including but not limited to contracts related to: CWSP sponsorship; benefits services; outside vendor services; and personnel contracts.  Pursuant to the Legal Matters responsibilities noted above, engage legal counsel in connection with contact reviews as deemed necessary or instructed.

  • Insurance:

Develop and maintain applicable relationships with insurance brokerage providers necessary to support the risk management needs of the school.   Participate in the negotiation of the terms of insurance policies and policy claims as they are deemed necessary.  Direct the timely communication of the status of insurance coverages and claims to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.

  • Human Resources:

As the school grows, the activities of Human Resources will shift to new members of the team overseen by the Director of Finance including recruitment & onboarding and the management of benefits, compensation, policy, employee relations, performance, training & development, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), legal compliance and administration.

  • Facilities Operations, Planning and Management:

As the school grows, the activities of facilities will shift to new members of the team overseen by the Director of Finance including daily operations of facilities and grounds, Information Technology, security, maintenance and cleaning, construction projects, space planning and usage, facilities related financial matters.

  • Other Duties as Assigned:
  1. Reports to the President; serves as member of the Leadership Team.
  2. Provides input to the President on operations, policies, budget and other issues.
  3. Serves as a member of the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Employment is contingent upon applicant satisfactorily passing criminal background and reference checks..
  • Must complete diocese-sponsored Safe Environment Training within 60 days of hire.
  • Minimum level of Education: CPA or equivalent certification.
  • Minimum amount of Work Experience:
    • Years of related work experience: 10+ years
  • Area of related work experience:  Finance

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Ten or more years of experience in the execution and or oversight of key operations activities, as described above, of an organization that comprises not less the 50 employees.
  2. Sufficient financial management experience in an organization that has an annual budget of no less than $7.5 million that substantively supports the ability to perform the duties as described above.
  3. Specific experience in:
    1. Human resources matters, as noted above.
    2. Interaction with providers on legal matters.
    3. Securing and renewal of insurance policies.
  4. A practical understanding of the requirements for the effective management of operating facilities.
  5. Evidence of effective interface with a board of directors or equivalent.
  6. Evidence of effective participation on a management leadership team.
  7. CPA or equivalent certification.
  8. Prior Not-for-Profit Experience.
  9. Commitment and capacity to serve and connect on a personal level with the mission of Cristo Rey Research Triangle serving families who meet the school’s economic parameters.
  10. Ability to contribute as a leader and team member towards common goals and objectives.
  11. Energy and passion for a Cristo Rey model high school.
  12. Experienced in the dynamics of Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit education, preferred.
  13. Bilingual in Spanish and English, preferred.

Position Start Date: 11/15/2023