Director of Recruitment & Admissions

Cristo Rey High School
Employment Type
Full Time
Raleigh, NC
Posted Date


Job Summary

The Director of Recruitment & Admissions is responsible for

(1) Recruiting qualified students to apply to the school

(2) Directing the Recruitment & Admissions Process from point of inquiry to enrollment

(3) Supervising staff and volunteers.

(4) Managing the Office of Recruitment & Admissions

(5) Ad hoc projects assigned by the President.

Essential Functions


  • Designs and implements a comprehensive strategic plan of admissions of new students to the school;
  • Accomplish the school’s enrollment goals and objectives;
  • Designs, establishes, and maintains a departmental operating structure that effectively accomplishes the school’s goals and objectives;
  • Evaluates continually and redesigns where appropriate all aspects of the admissions program with the goal of maintain a capacity enrollment of qualified and mission-consistent students and a wait-list of qualified applicants;
  • Represents the school at conferences related to admissions and to the local community.


  • Develops and oversees admissions appropriate admissions marketing materials, ads, mailings, web pages, and publications that promote the school to prospective students;
  • Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with Catholic feeder schools, local public and charter middle schools, churches, and other organizations that can be helpful in attracting quality students;
  • Proactively visits feeder schools;
  • Works with organizations, attends events and school fairs;
  • Presents the school to parents and students during visits to middle schools, churches, and organizations, or through media placements;
  • Initiates and oversees activities, such as Open Houses and Shadow Days, intended to interest parents and potential supporters in enrolling students to the school;

Admissions Process

  • Develops, continuously evaluates, and revises the student application and relevant processes;
  • Organizes and coordinates student interviews, including training faculty and staff who will assist with conducting interviews;
  • Chairs meetings of the Admissions Committee;
  • Organizes and administers income verification and the program for financial aid;
  • Communicates with students and parents throughout the admissions process.

Enrollment and Re-enrollment

  • Coordinates teambuilding and welcome activities for accepted students;
  • Organizes student registration meetings;
  • Coordinates communication with families prior to starting school;
  • Manages the re-enrollment of current students for the succeeding year with constant monitoring of attrition and retention.


  • Bachelor’s degree with experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified;
  • Exceptionally organized, able to create strong systems and process with limited support;
  • Experience and comfort with setting aggressive, quantitative goals and reporting regularly on progress;
  • Commitment to the Mission and Values of Cristo Rey;
  • A flexible, self-starter, with the ability to motivate others, who is goal-oriented;
  • Outstanding organizational skills and an ability to strategize procedures;
  • Outstanding interpersonal and community relations skill and the ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community. Ability to effectively maintain communication with students and families that are interested in applying to the school;
  • Proven ability to effectively present to large groups;
  • Ability to track and understand data;
  • Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials;
  • Ability to foster a collaborative work environment;
  • Experience with high school admissions a plus. However, the Cristo Rey admissions model is unique and highly dependent on recruiting;
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English, preferred.