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Executive Director of Development
Mr. Greg Leitner
Phone: (919)821-9721

Director of Stewardship
Mrs. Katey Fithian 
Phone: (919) 821-8142

Assistant Director of Stewardship
Mrs. Liz McKee
Phone: (919) 821-9745

Director of Special Gifts
Mr. Ryan T. Flood, CFRE
Phone: (919) 821-9774

Development Associate
Mrs. Cassie Lilley
Phone: (919) 821-9772

Stewardship and Advancement

Our Belief

We believe that the work of stewardship and advancement, founded on the core Scriptural principles of stewardship and self-giving, is a ministry to those who are invited to give and to those that benefit from the Church's work in countless ways

Christian Stewards We are Blessed

  • All we have is a blessing from God - every breath we take, every loved one, every freedom, every talent and ability, every material possession and every natural element in our environment
  • Though we will inevitably face challenges and hardships during our lifetime, those who maintain a steward's perspective find peace and contentment in what they have rather in what they do not have.
  • Appreciating how gifted they are by God, Christian Stewards give of themselves in proportion to their many blessings

Advancement - Empowering Others

  • Future generations will long realize the sacrifices for our Church
  • Inspires God's people to holiness through self-giving
  • Enables the mission of the Church by sustaining and expanding the many ministries to which we are committed for the building of His Kingdom