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Senior Executive Director
Mrs. Aimee Viana

Administrative Assistant to Senior Executive Director (English and Spanish)
Mrs. Lettie Banda
Phone: 919-821-9771
Fax: 919-821-9705

Mrs. Holly Stringer
Phone: 919-645-4447
Registrar email:

Senior Director of Children and Families
Mrs. Joyce Blum
Phone: 919-821-9702

Senior Director of Youth and Young Adults
Mr. Michael Bayer
Phone: 919-821-9770

Senior Director of Married Life
Ms. Monica Martinez
Phone: 919-821-9762

Senior Director of Lay Leadership
Mrs. Jackie Bonk
Phone: 919-645-4438

Director of African Ancestry Ministry and Native American Catholic Community
Mrs. Lauren Green

Director of Catechesis and Faith Formation
Mrs. Diane M. Quintal
Phone: 919-821-9710
Fax: 919-645-4432

Director of Human Life and Dignity

Secretariat for Lay Formation, Marriage, and Family Life

After prayerful reflection and review of feedback from staff and deanery meetings, Bishop Burbidge decided to reorganize the former Department of Faith Formation and Evangelization at the Diocese of Raleigh Catholic Center and create a Secretariat for Lay Formation, Marriage, and Family Life.

On Thursday, November 11, 2015 he announced the appointment of Mrs. Aimee Viana to head the Secretariat for Lay Formation, Marriage, and Family Life effective January 4, 2016. Offices within this Secretariat include:

  • Marriage and Family Life
  • Respect Life
  • Social Concerns
  • Hispanic Ministry
  • African Ancestry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Lay Ministry
  • Catechesis and Faith Formation
  • Native American Ministry

“I am so pleased to welcome Mrs. Aimee Viana to the Catholic Center,” said Bishop Burbidge. “It is an honor to have such a talented and faithful individual as a new member of my Executive Staff. The responsibilities I have entrusted to her are of critical pastoral importance in the life of our church, especially at this time, and I am confident that she will embrace the opportunities that await her with great zeal and dedication.”

As the head of the Secretariat, Mrs. Viana serves as a member of Bishop Burbidge’s Executive Staff along with current members:

  • Msgr. David Brockman (Vicar General)
  • Dr. Mike Fedewa (Superintendent of Catholic Schools)
  • Mr. Russ Elmayan (CFO/COO)
  • Mr. Gary Rosia (Director of HR)