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Executive Director, Evangelization and Discipleship
Amy S. Daniels
Phone: 919-821-9724
Mobile: 984-212-9361

Coordinator of Prison Ministry
Deacon Michael Vandiver
Phone: 919-821-9751

Theology of the Body

The office develops and implements educational opportunities to expand upon the formation of the faithful on the Theology of the Body, which informs and serves as a foundation for Catholic social teaching.

The Diocese of Raleigh partners with Family Honor to provide and promote a family-centered Catholic approach to Chastity Education.  Through a variety of parish-based, family-centered programs, Family Honor presenters bring parents and their children together to discuss the true meaning of love, chastity, fertility, friendship, true self-worth, sexuality and much more in an age-appropriate manner.

The Truth About Pornography: In this episode of "A Catholic Life," Dave DiNuzzo of speaks with host Billy Atwell about the true impact and damage caused by pornography. 


For a concise overview of Theology of the Body, listen to a 50-minute video by Dr. Patrick O’connell:


For a more in-depth treatment of the beauty and gift of Theology of the Body, listen to a talk by Jackie Bonk, Director of the Office of Human Life and Dignity: