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Senior Director of Married Life
Monica Martinez
Phone: 919-821-9762

Coordinator of Married Life (includes NFP)
Rebekah Tolson
Phone: 919-821-9753

Coordinator of Married Life (Bilingual Spanish)
Roberto Cortes
Phone: 919-821-9735

Hispanic Ministry Promoter for Albemarle Deanery (Includes Marriage Preparation)
Adriana Mosquera
Phone: 919-607-3665

Hispanic Ministry Promoter for Tar River Deanery (Includes Marriage Preparation)
Sr. Martha Alvarado
Phone: 252-505-6258

Registrar and Events Coordinator
Aracely Alcalá
Phone: 919-645-4447

Engaged Couple Workshops & Programs

Marriage Preparation Workshop – English

The Marriage Preparation One Day Workshop presents topics that deal with important issues regarding marriage. These Marriage Preparation workshops are designed for couples to attend together. If for some reason beyond your control you are not able to attend together (such as military deployment), please contact the Marriage Preparation office.

Topics include:

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Theology of Marriage
  • Sacramentality and Spirituality of Marriage
  • Couple Intimacy/Natural Family Planning
  • Stewardship/Financial Planning/Careers
  • Five Love Languages

Pre-registration is required for attendance at Marriage Preparation Workshops at least one week prior to event.


Check-in 8:30 am

Workshops begin promptly at 9:00 am and conclude at 4:00 pm.

We invite you to attend Mass at the conclusion of the day.

Snacks and lunch are provided.

Cost: $100 per couple. Fee includes presentations, materials, and hospitality.

Please note: The Pre-Marital Inventory, including registration & workbooks, are completed separately from this workshop.  Please contact your parish for information regarding the completion of the pre-marital inventory step.

Schedule and Registration

The Secretariat for the Diocese of Raleigh would like to happily announce the use of a new registration software called Configio. Please click on the online registration link below, and you will be able to register for any available Marriage Preparation Workshops.

Engaged Couple Workshop Schedule - English (PDF) - Please note: If a workshop date is listed on the PDF schedule but is not available in the online registration form, then the session is either full or has been canceled. Please choose an alternate date.

2018 Online Registration - English

For questions or assistance regarding event registration, please contact Aracely Alcala, Registrar & Events Coordinator, at 919-645-4447 or

Taller Pre-Matrimonial: "UNIDOS PARA SIEMPRE"

Durante un día, los instructores estarán compartiendo los siguientes temas:

Herramientas para un discernimiento sobre el sacramento del Matrimonio, herramientas para mejorar la comunicación en la vida matrimonial. Sexualidad y Métodos Naturales de Planificación Familiar. Economía en el Matrimonio y El Matrimonio como Sacramento.

Hora: 8:30 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. (Santa Eucaristía 4:00 p.m.)

Costo: $50.00 dólares por pareja.

Incluye: Materiales, certificado y almuerzo. ** No habrá cuidado de niños.

Contacto para más información: Roberto Cortes al 919-821-9735

Descogar: Taller de Preparación Matrimonial en Español – Calendario 2018 (PDF)


Re-Marriage Preparation Workshop

This is a one-day workshop designed for couples who plan to remarry; includes remarriage readiness, parenting/step-parenting issues and the teaching regarding remarriage and the Catholic Church.

Check-in 8:30 am; workshop starts promptly at 9:00 am and concludes 4-5 pm.

Snacks and lunch are provided during the day.

Cost: $100 per couple (50% refund available if cancelled at least 4 business days prior to event)

Fee includes presentations, materials, hospitality and on-line pre-marital inventory access/workbooks.

Scholarships are available to those experiencing financial hardship. Before registering contact the Diocesan Office of Married Life for more information, 919-821-9762.


We welcome civilly married couples who are seeking to convalidate their marriage in the Catholic Church to attend one of our engaged couple workshops. 

We recommend you work with your Pastor to determine the best marriage preparation plan for you, and to help you to take the steps towards convalidation.