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Senior Director of Married Life
Monica Martinez
Phone: 919-821-9762

Coordinator of Married Life (includes NFP)
Rebekah Tolson
Phone: 919-821-9753

Coordinator of Married Life (Bilingual Spanish)
Roberto Cortes
Phone: 919-821-9735

Hispanic Ministry Promoter for Albemarle Deanery (Includes Marriage Preparation)
Adriana Mosquera
Phone: 919-607-3665

Hispanic Ministry Promoter for Tar River Deanery (Includes Marriage Preparation)
Sr. Martha Alvarado
Phone: 252-505-6258

Registrar and Events Coordinator
Aracely Alcalá
Phone: 919-645-4447

Marriage Preparation

For Marriage Preparation information, please explore the menu on the left.

A Message from Rev. Msgr. Michael P. Shugrue

Congratulations on your engagement! As your wedding day plans continue to unfold, I am certain the day you both have envisioned all your lives will be as beautiful as you’ve imagined. The Church not only shares in your hope for this beautiful day, but for each day that will follow and will become a lifetime together as husband and wife.

Though the culture today may suggest that the decision to marry is of little value, or that a lifelong joyful marriage is not possible, the Church will remain by your side throughout your lifetime to affirm that truly “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

In the Diocese of Raleigh, we offer a process of marriage preparation that is designed to accompany you in your intention to love one another, together with Christ, in sacramental marriage. Each part of this process is outlined on our webpages and in our brochure, in order to guide you through the steps of a rewarding marriage preparation experience.

I pray that Christ continues to guide, strengthen, and bless your love for one another in such a way that all who cross your paths may recognize Christ by the witness of your lives together.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,
Monsignor Michael P. Shugrue