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Coordinator of Married Life (includes NFP)
Rebekah Tolson
Phone: 919-821-9753

Coordinator of Married Life (Bilingual Spanish)
Roberto Cortes
Phone: 919-821-9735

Hispanic Ministry Promoter for Albemarle Deanery (Includes Marriage Preparation)
Adriana Mosquera
Phone: 919-607-3665

Hispanic Ministry Promoter for Tar River Deanery (Includes Marriage Preparation)
Sr. Martha Alvarado
Phone: 252-505-6258

Registrar and Events Coordinator
Aracely Alcalá
Phone: 919-645-4447

Marriage Enrichment


Inspiring talks. Energizing music. Real relationships. Married, Engaged, Dating, or Single.

We are so happy to provide this opportunity for those who are Married, Engaged, Dating, or Single to attend this dynamic, short, but powerful experience. We know it is hard to get away – between work, the kids or just life! GIVEN is a day to step away to reconnect and reflect with your spouse, significant other, or individually on growing in love, and to come away feeling refreshed.

Learn more, find an event, and register!

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is for any couple that desires a richer, fuller marriage. Since every marriage can be improved, even the best marriages can find new meaning and deepened joys through the weekend. It provides a unique approach aimed at revitalizing marriages through personal discussion using the communication technique that couples learn on the weekend. Mass is celebrated each day.

It is a weekend aimed at focusing on the one you love most. Saint Pope John Paul II wrote: “I appreciate what Worldwide Marriage Encounter has done to inspire married couples with a true Christian vision of their vocation to marriage and family life. I hold much hope for the future in Worldwide Marriage Encounter.”

Marriage Encounter is also for priests and religious who want to enhance their relationship with God’s People and to develop an even deeper appreciation of their own vocation.

For more information visit the Worldwide Marriage Encounter web site at:; or contact Rick and Sue France at 704-315-2144.