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Director of Communications
John Dornan
Phone: 919-821-9732
Mobile: 919-632-5045

Assistant Director of Communications
Anjanette Wiley
Phone: 919-821-9730
Mobile: 919-606-6834

Editor, NC Catholics
Kate Turgeon Watson
Phone: 919-821-9738

Web Manager
Michelle Heeden King

Media Production Specialist
Mark Hite
Phone: 919-821-9734

Communications Specialist
Leonor Clavijo
Phone: 919-821-9275

Writer, NC Catholics
Mandy Howard
Phone: 919-821-9736

For Photographers / Videographers

Diocese of Raleigh Photography and Videography Policy

In an effort to preserve the sanctity of any diocesan celebration—especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass—this policy was drafted to help coordinate and plan how and where photographs and videos are taken by those not contracted or commissioned by the Diocese of Raleigh.

Any person wishing to photograph/videotape a diocesan event must request written permission from the Diocese of Raleigh Director of Communications at least 3 business days prior to the event. The policy applies to any person, paid or unpaid, who intends to take photographs/video on behalf of an outside organization or diocesan entity (parish, school, etc.) and/or intends to move frequently from a singular location to take photos/video during an event.

With regularity, the Diocese of Raleigh will reserve the right to be the sole professional photographer/videographer of Diocese of Raleigh events and celebrations.

This policy is not directed toward visitors or members of the faithful who intend to take photos/video for their own personal use and who are not solicited on any regular basis or hired to capture photos/videos. It is also not binding on members of the news media.

Interpretation and application of this policy is left to the sole discretion of the Diocese of Raleigh Director of Communications or, in the case of liturgical events in which the Director of Communications is not present, the Diocese of Raleigh Director of Worship.

If the Director of Communications or the Director of Worship feels that a photographer or videographer is not heeding directions or is impeding the Mass, ceremony, or event, then authorization to continue taking photographs/video can be rescinded on the spot.

For questions, contact Anjanette Wiley, Assistant Director of Communications for the Diocese of Raleigh.

Effective 5/30/2014