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Billy Atwell
Phone: (919) 821-9732

Assistant Director
Anjanette Wiley
Phone: (919) 821-9730

Publishing and News Manager
Kate Turgeon Watson
Phone: 919-821-9738

Web Manager
Michelle Heeden King

Multimedia Producer
Mark Hite
Phone: (919) 821-9734

Administrative Assistant
Suzanne Smith
Phone: 919-821-9749

Live Mass (cancelled, effective 2/1/16)

On December 2, 2014, the Communications Department at the Diocese of Raleigh began live streaming the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every Tuesday and Thursday from the chapel at the Catholic Center in Raleigh. 
After more than a year of making the live stream available, the number of viewers has never reached what we would consider a satisfactory number to justify the time investment. Over that year the Communications Department worked together, and sought advice from parishes and clergy in the Diocese, to reevaluate our promotion and ensure that we were doing whatever we could to make people aware of this service. 
With the number of viewers still not rising, we have decided to end the on-going live stream of the Mass from the Catholic Center effective February 1, 2016. We will still live stream special Masses, celebrations and services when appropriate. 
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly.