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Director of Liturgy and Music

Parish Positions
Director of Liturgy and Music
Durham, NC

Holy Infant Catholic Church is seeking a full-time Director of Liturgy and Music. The parish is located in the Southpoint region of Durham, NC, one of the fastest growing areas within the Diocese of Raleigh. As a vision-driven parish, Holy Infant is planning the construction of a new church to meet the demands of this growth. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with candidates interested in a welcoming, active, and inclusive community that seeks to celebrate the presence of God in our midst and in our liturgy.

The position offers a competitive salary and attractive benefits.

Position Description

The Director of Liturgy and Music has a thorough understanding of Roman Catholic liturgy and is a leader who possesses the knowledge and skills required to enhance worship through the varied expressions of liturgical music. With a vision of how a parish can achieve and maintain its full potential, the Director, in dialogue with the Pastor, will focus on defining, developing and implementing a comprehensive liturgy and music program.    


  • Lead, inspire and support the activities of the parish’s Liturgical Commission, working closely with its Chair and Ministry Coordinators. These activities include the recruitment, education, on-going training, and spiritual formation for liturgical ministers. Liturgical Commission ministries consist of Art and Environment, Altar Servers, Altar Bread Bakers, Altar Linen Caretakers, Audio/Video Team, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters, Hosts, Lectors, Liturgy Planning Committee, Liturgical Ministry Scheduling, Mass Coordinators, Music Ministers and Sacristans.
  • Coordinate and plan, with the Liturgy Planning Committee, the Sunday Masses, Holy Days of Obligation, Holy Week, Easter Vigil, Liturgies of the Word, and Communion Services
  • Coordinate and plan rites and liturgical services in conjunction with:
    • RCIA Team
    • Faith Formation Teams for First Eucharist and Confirmation
    • Other special liturgical events (e.g. Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, etc.)
  • Coordinate and plan for Funeral Rites (Vigil, Mass, Committal)
  • Coordinate and plan for Rites of Marriage
  • Creatively select music (traditional and more contemporary) for parish liturgies - growing attendance at worship through the quality of music selected and learned
  • Assume the role of leading musician, accompanist or choral director, for all liturgies including funerals and marriages. (Secure qualified substitute(s) as necessary and appropriate)
  • Direct weekly rehearsals for cantors, choirs and musicians
  • Select/provide/prepare worship aids, including hymnals/song books, for liturgies
  • Prepare liturgical scripts
  • Implement diocesan policies related to liturgy and music
  • Schedule and host outside performing groups for concerts, workshops, etc.
  • Maintain the music library and secure necessary copyrights/licenses
  • Select and maintain liturgical resources and supplies  
  • Select and maintain musical instruments and assure that audio and video systems function appropriately
  • Assure that sacristies and related sacred vessels, vestments, materials, equipment and liturgical supplies are resourced and maintained in good order
  • Develop and monitor the parish’s liturgy and music budgets

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong organizational and leadership skills with the ability to clearly formulate long/short term plans and direct and inspire others
  • Strong interpersonal communications skills with the ability to observe, question, listen, give and accept feedback, and deal with changes
  • Knowledgeable in the liturgical practices of the Church (i.e. an understanding of the GIRM and other relevant documents, sacramental rites etc.) and the ability to integrate with music
  • Proficiency as a keyboard player – piano and organ
  • Knowledge of various accompanying instrument’s techniques and use; group vocal techniques for adults and children; choral conducting
  • Understanding of acoustics and audio systems, especially as they pertain to the space in which the parish worships
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently


  • Practicing Catholic in full communion with the Church
  • Bachelors/Master’s Degree in music
  • 3-5 Years’ experience as Director or Assistant Director of Liturgy/Music
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing education 


Blaine C. Short
Parish Administrator
Holy Infant Catholic Church
5000 Southpark Drive
Durham NC 27713